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We take pride in education and offering our community access to the healing power of cannabis. Elevate your understanding of the many benefits that CBD and THC has to offer

Whether you seek to bolster your mindfulness practice or whether it is your physical self that requires healing, you will find the keys to your elevated wellness here. Come and explore the possibilities that can be unlocked with our experienced staff.

Now we’re able to put inventory in a car trunk, We can have inventory stored in the vehicles, rather than stored in one conglomerate e-commerce location,When customers order, they are order will be delivered by a vehicle in their location, rather than shipping from the primary menu at our home base in CA — and they can still order from our main menu, too.

Every item on our menu is available for discreet home delivery, at no additional cost.

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Weed delivery is quickly growing. More consumers are opting to have their pot delivered rather than going to a dispensary. Let us help you out

Getting your medical MJ card is easy

Hard Green Shop operate delivery like mail carriers. Stores receive orders, which are then loaded into a vehicle and sent to the customer. Called “hub and spoke,” this delivery method is reliable and low-cost,

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Mission was to Here to help The remaining 65% in California who do not have access to a dispensary. This could be for several reasons, including lack of resources to develop regulations or a legal prohibition on the sale of cannabis in retail stores. However, in a 2020 ruling, a Fresno, California judge affirmed the right to deliver to these areas by dismissing a lawsuit by 24 California cities seeking to ban deliveries. and now we ship to 45 states and worldwide

Do I need my medical marijuana card to get weed delivery?

Nope, not in adult-use states with legal delivery. You only need to be age 21 or up with a valid ID.

But having a doctor’s note or a state ID card can result in savings on local and state sales taxes and cannabis use taxes.

If you are in a medical-only state, then yes, you’ll need a doctor’s note and sometimes a state ID card to get delivery medical cannabis.

What do I need to order get medical cannabis delivered?

The same as above, plus either a doctor’s recommendation or a state medical marijuana identification card. Your delivery service will ask you.

How much should I tip cannabis couriers?

Tipping is optional but always appreciated. Twenty percent is always nice if you get great service.

Several medical and adult-use cannabis states allow cannabis deliveries. Canadian legalization also uses delivery fulfillment.

Six states have adult-use cannabis delivery

  • California has about 300 licensed delivery services serving the entire state
  • Oregon has limited delivery options based on local law
  • Maine has legalized delivery services
  • Nevada has 24-hour marijuana delivery in 2022
  • Massachusetts has legalized delivery, and it’s operational
  • Michigan is allowing adult-use delivery

There are a lot of things we can play with — to reach our customers more expeditiously without having to waste time going back and forth from the dispensary.

We have a use case where you can say, ‘Hey, driver, go to your area and cover that territory, and we’ll load you with a handful of brands, I’ll push a notification to you and tell you we are in the area.

We working remotely, not coming back in the city, and our customers are happy. So now we can push out into new territories by putting a car out there.

Hard Green Shop started building these features as delivery became critical in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emjay is dedicated to creating the best cannabis delivery service in the world. That means having a bigger and better selection available at faster delivery times than anyone else for the same price as going to the dispensary. Shop edibles, vapes, flower, extracts, tinctures and much more for a great price!

Our sleek, calming space is more than a retail experience. It’s a place of serenity where you can come to relax and recharge.

exploring bringing it to Michigan, Massachusetts and New York.

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