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Durban is a fabulous daytime strain, with a clear, functional effects package that stimulates creativity, sociability, and overall mood.  It’s very energetic and is seen as one of the pure-feeling sativa varieties widely available on the market. The truly South African Durbans are known for being extremely racy and borderline psychedelic.

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Order Durban Poison medical cannabis strains online. This hundred percent sativa strain is native to Durban in South Africa. It is famous all over the world for its sweet smell and vibrant and uplifting effects. It increases one’s concentration and brings about an undeniable “get shit done” attitude.

Durban Poison For Sale

The toned-down Dutch versions that circulate in the United States and Europe lose some of that edge, perhaps for the benefit of the average consumer.  The primary medicinal benefits are energy, appetite stimulation, migraine relief, and anti-nausea properties.

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Buy Durban Poison Online

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one of the classics. A potent, pure sativa, Durban Poison will have you ready to tackle that to-do list in no time. The scent of the flower is very fresh, almost minty when smoked. It will clear the mind and enhance the feeling of all your muscles as you move around. This option is one of the most motivational strains for projects, errands, or just a generally active body and mind.

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Durban Poison cannabis is a very powerful and effective strain, very suitable for use in the morning or during the day. The first African strain, this plant is good for high temperatures inside or outside. It is often developed as a hydroponic crop in California. This is a nice flower bud, with a treat-like smell, and it rises quickly. How to order weed online and where to buy Durban poison marijuana

Buy Durban Poison Online

It makes you clear-headed, boosts energy, boosts mood, and puts a smile on your face. Durban Poison cannabis can last up to three hours.
The plant itself is medium in height and can grow up to 150 cm. It blooms for about two months, usually in September or early October when it grows outdoors. It is usually one of the cheaper varieties available in pharmacies and is usually recommended for those with milder illnesses who do not need awesome smoke or high THC levels.

buy Durban Poison weed online | Buy Durban Poison cannabis online

Buy Durban Poison medical and recreational cannabis strains online. This pure Sativa is native to the port city of Durban in South Africa. It is world-famous for its sweet smell and vibrant and uplifting effects.
Durban Poison is a wise choice because it consistently has excellent THC levels and terpene content. What makes this hemp flower unique is the herbal spiced lemon scent, which is exciting. The Durban poison strain is easily identified by its thick round buds and thick trichomes

buy Durban Poison weed online

Durban Poison Strain

A landrace sativa originating from South Africa, the Durban Poison, named after South Africa’s second-largest city has become a favorite worldwide because of its high resin content with an average 15% THC level that can go as high as 26%. This sweet-smelling 100% sativa is famous for its earthy and piney flavors with the orange and lemon citrusy aftertaste and energizing and uplifting effects. It’s also commonly used to treat nausea, loss of appetite, depression, and chronic pain. It also helps in managing ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraine, and stress.

Buy Durban Poison OnlineDurban Poison

Combat fatigue, boost your mood and energy, spark your creativity and sociability with the Durban Poison. West Coast Supply is the premium purveyor of high-quality, pure, and unaltered Durban Poison, handled by experts and shipped directly to your doorstep.   Flavors: Citrus, Herbal, Pine, Sweet Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Stress Potency: 24% THC Content

Durban Poison is a pure sativa named after its city of origin: Durban, South Africa. Despite its name, it is a delightful strain that gives the user energy, joy, and creativity. When smoked, the air is filled with the sweet, pungent aroma of citrusy grapefruit, with a taste that matches. Durban Poison seeds grow a marijuana plant that is especially known for its huge resin-filled glands. For people looking to extract Cannabis concentrate, this is a dream come true.

Buy Durban Poison Online

Durban Poison AAA

Plant type 100% sativa
THC Up to 20%
CBD Insignificant amount
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors | Steppe | Mediterranean
Plant size Compact
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowers 7 to 9 weeks
Yields 14 to 18 oz per plant
Taste & Smell Cheese | Citrus | Earthy | Fruity | Skunky | Sweet
Effects Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Sleepy | Uplifted

Durban Poison takes the cake when it comes to sativas that everyone loves and wants for themselves. Its high is excellent, and its 100% sativa purity is greatly sought after. Its history goes back fairly far, at least as compared with other marijuana strains. Durban Poison goes back to the 1970s and has been popular ever since. If you don’t already know, you will soon find out why.

Buy Durban Poison Online


Buds of Durban Poison are medium to large in size. Although they have a dense, compact structure typical of indica varieties, their long and tapered shape is more characteristic of sativas. The forest green leaves are offset by bright orange pistils, meant to catch pollen from male fertilizing plants. A coating of milky-white trichomes gives the cured flowers a light sheen. Durban Poison has a classically dank smell punctuated by hints of sweet licorice. The flowers are pungent and skunky when broken open or burnt and give off thick, lung-expanding smoke. The licorice aroma is evident on the exhale, along with the taste of sweet, almost cloying pine sap.


Durban Poison has a clear, focused high that hits users right away. The amplification of sights and sounds may be initially disorienting but in the right setting can slide into an active, buzzy head high with no hints of debilitating heaviness or couchlock, this strain can be especially helpful for creative endeavors — it’s a great way to contemplate the nuances of an intense movie or a piece of music.

Durban Poison can also be a strong social lubricant, helping smokers to feel chatty and more at ease. Any medical benefits are more mental than physical — this strain can confer a sense of mindfulness to help those perpetually distracted by depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also help those with attention deficit disorders maintain a deep, intense focus. Because it’s so potent and cerebral, Durban Poison can also have some undesirable side effects.

It may put users into overdrive, making them feel on edge or jittery. It can also lead to a kind of rapid-association “mindrace,” making smokers feel paranoid or out of control. Definitely more suited to daytime than sleepy nighttime use, Durban Poison is a quintessential wake-and-bake strain. Its high typically lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Durban Poison Strain Origins

Durban Poison Strain

This Cannabis strain was named after Durban, South Africa, the city where it was born. It’s a pure landrace that’s always been well-known for its massive resin-filled glands.

Even with its strong African roots, the strain somehow made its way to the United States back in the 1970s thanks to an American pot enthusiast.

Today, it’s commonly used to create extracts, such as marijuana concentrates. Because this is a pure landrace that’s 100% sativa, its characteristics are quite distinguishable from hybrid plants. For one thing, this strain has been known to reach 8 feet in height.

Growing Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

This strain is fairly easy to grow, especially indoors. Outdoors can grow to substantial heights, so prepare accordingly. This plant is much easier to maintain when grown indoors. The plants are resilient and practically grow themselves. Outdoor plants can reach up to 7.5 feet tall when left alone with no special care.

We guarantee that your seeds will sprout and advise reading our germination instructions for guaranteed results.

Feminized Seeds

These are feminized seeds. Female plants, contrary to male plants, are the ones that actually produce weed. They start flowering when they receive less light per day, i.e. in the Fall, or when you manipulate the light cycle indoors.

Durban Poison Plants

When left to its own devices, this 100% sativa plant can reach heights of up to 90 inches (7.5 feet)! Of course, indoor plants may be much shorter (which is likely a good thing, as there aren’t too many indoor growing areas that accommodate 8-foot plants).

These seeds produce leafy plants with generous green buds that are rich in resin and trichomes. Because of their height, the flowers much be trimmed and pruned regularly to avoid drooping branches that eventually snap and break. This includes removing all dead foliage and yellowing leaves. Pruning and trimming help your weed trees stay healthy and strong.

Preferred Climate

These sativa seeds flourish best when grown outdoors in sunny environments. If you are growing Durban Poison indoors, it is highly recommended to use a hydroponics setting rather than soil or other solid growing mediums in pots. It is generally an easy plant to grow, although any hydroponics setup could prove tricky to someone who hasn’t tried it before. Durban Poison generally thrives best in an outdoor, sunny setting.

Feeding Durban Poison Plants

Visit our nutrient section to get the right plant food for every growth stage.

We recommend giving your plants:

  • Marijuana Fertilizer – for optimal growth
  • Plant Protector – for the best protection

Flowering & Yield

On average, Durban Poison Feminized seeds flower fairly quickly. Indoor growers can expect flowering to take place in about 7-9 weeks. When grown outdoors, harvest time occurs around the end of September to mid-October. Growing indoors should yield about 13 ounces of usable Cannabis per square plant. Outdoor growers can expect to yield about 16 ounces of usable marijuana per plant, though your growing conditions of course influence the actual results. When cultivating Durban Poison feminized seeds, expect to harvest sticky, fat buds. With a 20% THC level, your buds will be gorgeous, crystalized, and extremely potent.

Experiencing The Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison is known for causing clear, focused thoughts. It is an energizing strain that puts you in a good mood. It’s great to enjoy in the mornings and could be a suitable caffeine replacement. Here’s what feelings many people report experiencing from this strain:

  • Happy and euphoric
  • Energetic and uplifted
  • Inspired and creative

Durban Poison Taste & Smell

When you put it in the air, the aroma is pungent and sweet with undertones of pine and a spicy cut. With the first toke, your taste buds are hit with a pine-tree flavor. Soon, it calms itself naturally to give you herbal, earthy flavors, with hints of citrusy sweetness.

Durban Poison

Here are some of the aromas and flavors associated with this Cannabis strain:

  • Citrus
  • Fruity
  • Skunky
  • Earthy
  • Sweet
  • Cheese

Durban Poison THC and CBD levels

The Durban Poison plant has a high THC level of about 20% and hardly any CBD content.

Uses for Durban Poison Marijuana

Durban Poison Marijuana

This strain is 100% Sativa. It’s an enjoyable Cannabis strain with a high THC content of 20%. It is useful for issues relating to mood and concentration.

Do you or someone you know have problems keeping your focus at the most inconvenient times? Well, this pure Sativa strain may help keep your thoughts from drifting off when you need to concentrate.

It can also cause munchies, soothe nausea, and stimulate positive feelings. This strain has been used for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress. It’s one of the best sativas for energy.

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You can buy Durban Poison feminized seeds per separate pack of 5, 10, or 20 seeds.

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Durban Poison 13% from Fluent - Small buds considering this wasnt their popcorn, but really nice ones at that. Smell and flavor are on point, and the effects are straight landrace sativa

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This pure landrace sativa from South Africa hails from the port city of Durban. Renowned for its spicy smell and taste, this strain is gaining popularity around the world for its energizing and stimulating effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive during a busy day.

Those involved in cultivation may distinguish between strains defined as “landraces” or “heritage varieties”. The term “heritage varieties” refers to a small group of species in our case the Durban Poison which has survived naturally in its native geographic area and has achieved genetic stability.


Durban is an excellent source of cerebral energy with a clear and functional set of effects that stimulate creativity, sociability, and general mood. Highly energetic, it is considered one of the purest and most widely available sativa strains on the market. True South African Durbans are known to be extremely racy and borderline psychedelic but the Dutch versions circulating on the market (sometimes crossed with Skunk for stability) lose some of that edge. The main medicinal benefits are energy, appetite stimulation, migraine relief, and anti-nausea properties.


Reminiscent of anise, it has a very distinct blend of sweet and spicy scents: fennel, anise, orange, lemon, and pine, making it a favorite of many clinic patients and connoisseurs alike.

Although a pure sativa (normally), most versions finish fairly quickly and don’t stretch like crazy. Many claim that the real South African ‘poison’ from Durban is very racy and terminates after 120 days, but this is not the case for the versions available as seed Afropips and African Seeds which seem to be the longest to complete.

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Durban was known and loved in Holland because it was one of the few sativas that could finish outdoors. The short-flowering versions are adapted to northern climates and grow very tall outdoors. Most varieties are totally manageable indoors, especially with the SCROG method. Harvest time for Durban Poison grown outdoors is between the last days of September and the first days of October.

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Growers and concentrate enthusiasts will appreciate the oversized resin glands that make this strain a quality choice for extracting concentrates. The buds are round and coarse, and leave a thick layer of trichomes on almost every part of the plant.

Durban Poison is a tall and respectable plant. It has proud green leaves that extend from a center full of buds, and icy orange pistils with THC-rich trichomes. Its fragrance is that of pine, lemon, and spices, the natural flavor of many pure and local varieties. It has packed all the potent and therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes it can into its leaves and buds in order to survive the competition from the diversity of its harsh adopted environment.

Durban Poison can take nine to ten weeks to flower and be ready for a profitable harvest.

The DP strain is a tall, strong plant that is resistant to molds, pests, mites, bacteria, viruses, and many types of fungi and mechanical damage.


Durban Poison is the fruit of its South African homeland located in the city of Durban, a bustling port city. It was discovered by a passionate breeder and imported to the United States in the 70s. Its genetics, pure Sativa, give it its own ability to stimulate the imagination while producing an energetic and euphoric effect. This strain came from an environment under the African sun, so it needs a lot of sun.

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Indoor growers often choose to grow Durban Poison with hydroponic methods. Flowering can take up to ten weeks. The grower can expect 350 grams of Sativa per square meter. This potent plant will be a profitable addition to any grower’s repertoire. However, she grows best outdoors.

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Durban Poison grows best in conditions that mimic its African homeland, with plenty of suns. Adding additional nutrients to the soil can improve yield.

Durban Poison is the ultimate weed to lift your spirits on down days. Its burst of euphoria will lift you up without bringing you down. Some use it as a picking like a good cup of coffee. The energy you gain will not tire you. It can be a great way to increase your productivity, especially when doing creative tasks during an artistic activity or an experience to share with friends. This weed will put you at ease socially and make you more thoughtful and articulate.

Durban Poison can be used with both edible and smoked foods. When using weed as an edible, make sure you know the THC content. Since this is a highly stimulating strain, you probably don’t want to overdose on spacecake. With edibles, the effects will set in much slower and last much longer.

This weed is also suitable for vaporizers make sure you get a compatible vape whether you are vaping flower, resin, or dabbing wax

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