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Buy Eyce ORAFLEX Switchback Spoon

Shop Eyce’s newest innovation: the ORAFLEX line of smoking accessories

Greenlane Launches Eyce ORAFLEX(TM) Series with Hand-Painted Spoon Pipe

                       New double-layered, compact and durable pipe combines one-of-a-kind aesthetics
                                                 with first-class innovation and intellectual property


Buy Eyce ORAFLEX Switchback Spoon

Eyce Oraflex Silicone Spoon Pipe – P2351

It’s the beginning of a revolution. The Eyce ORAFLEX collection is an entirely new wave of silicone. These hand painted pipes replicate the look and feel of glass but are made with Eyce’s signature, ultra-durable silicone

Introducing ORAFLEX – the beauty of glass crafted from top shelf silicone

The Spoon pipe is the first innovation from Eyce’s new ORAFLEX series. Exclusive to Eyce and covered by a utility patent, ORAFLEX (Overmolded Rubber Art) pipes are designed with two layers of platinum-cured silicone, with the outer layer being clear, offering a depthful and glossy aesthetic that mirrors an artisanal glass pipe.

The spiral design features a base color wrapped in a hand painted, spiraling secondary color. The switchback design features a unique base color with electrifying, jagged, hand painted detailing. The honeycomb design showcases a large, hand painted honeycomb feature on the head of the pipe and is wrapped in spiraling fine details. The floral design features a large flower on the head of the pipe and a combination of swirls and dots around the neck of the pipe.

The ORAFLEX Spoon is a glass-like smoking pipe that features an ergonomic grip and a removable borosilicate glass bowl for easy cleaning as well as a hidden ash poker. This pipe is available in 20 colorways and 4 pattern variations.

silicone. The glossy outer layer, combining the hand-crafted inner layer and
the ergonomic spoon shape, mirrors the look of the hand-blown glass pipes that
are familiar to most consumers. Its firm, sturdy exterior makes it virtually
indestructible, ideal for both at-home and on-the-go use.

• Ergonomic Spoon Pipe
• Hand Blown Glass Aesthetic
• Double-Layered Silicone
• Covered By Utility Patent
• Virtually Indestructible
• Removable Borosilicate Glass Bowl
• Multiple Designs Available
• 5 Color Variations Per Pattern, 4 Pattern Designs
• 4.25” x 2” x 1.75”

MSRP: $29.99

 The compact ORAFLEX™
spoon pipe features a removable borosilicate glass bowl, which maintains the
flavor of the flower and allows for easy cleaning. With 20 color and design
variations available, the ORAFLEX™ spoon pipe can suit any taste.

With the release of the ORAFLEX™ spoon pipe, Hard Green Shop continues to prove
that innovation is always at the forefront of our work. Consumers can use the
pipe confidently, secure in the knowledge that it will be safe from breakage
while still keeping up the ever-important flavor of their herbs, 

We are committed to pushing the
boundaries on smoking accessories and we are thrilled to bring this new option
to our customers. Additionally, the utility patent embodied by ORAFLEX™ is an
exciting addition to our robust and rapidly growing portfolio of intellectual
property that enables Hard Green Shop to deliver differentiated products."

When the Eyce team and I first created its brand, an really created a new
category of top-tier smoking accessories, Our brand is a leader in premium silicone smoking products and
the ORAFLEX™ spoon is only the start of a new, innovative series by Eyce."

we have sold over one million specialty products to our
customers. Joining the Hard Green Shop team this year has only bolstered this
mission and allowed Eyce to scale beyond what we could imagine. This new
series is a testament to the incredible collaboration and creativity of the
Eyce Brand team at Hard Green Shop
Hard Green Shop is a global house of brands and one of
the largest sellers of premium cannabis accessories, child-resistant packaging
and specialty vaporization products to smoke shops, dispensaries and specialty
retail stores, as well as direct to consumer through its online e-commerce
platform, vapor.com. 
Founded in 2005, Hard Green Shop serves more than 8,000 retail
locations and has over 250 employees with operations in the United States,
Canada and Europe. With a strong global footprint, Hard Green Shop has been the
partner of choice for many of the industry's leading brands, who chose to
leverage its strong distribution platform, unparalleled customer service and
highly efficient operations and logistics to accelerate their growth.
Hard Green Shop curated portfolio of owned brands includes EYCE™️, packaging
innovator Pollen Gear™, VIBES™ rolling papers, Marley Natural™ Accessories,
K.Haring Glass Collection, Aerospaced grinders and Higher Standards which
offers both an upscale product line as well as an innovative retail
experiences with flagship stores located in Chelsea Market, New York and
Malibu, California.
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