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Buy Mini Yoshi Egg Rig Online

Mini Yoshi Egg Rig

Excellent condition- UV reactive- MSRP: – Signed (BTGB) and numbered- 10mm (banger not included)- Sold as-is, no return

Buy Mini Yoshi Egg Rig Online

Nows your chance to own the unique and rare Mini Yoshi Egg Dab Rigs from BTGB. Each sandblasted Yoshi egg rig houses a fully worked Mini Yoshi Super Mario character. Each egg is a collector’s item and features a 10mm female joint. These rare egg rigs are available in a variety of heady, cool Mini Yoshi glass colors.


Buy Mini Yoshi Egg Rig Online

Mini Yoshi Egg Rig

BTGB Mini Yoshi Egg Rig Pipe 10mm

Mini 10mm Yoshi Egg Dab Rigs by BTGB Glass. These mini rigs feature an encased worked Yoshi figure from the Super Mario Bros Nintendo games laying in the fetal position inside of a sandblasted egg water chamber. The quality and craftsmanship really shine on these rigs.

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The oil rig’s fixed female joint features a 3-hole perc located on the underside of Yoshi’s tail and the female banger hanger style joint is a perfect companion for your quart banger. Each BTBG Yoshi egg includes a matching carb cap. This unique sculptured wax rig is perfect for a video game fan or for any glass collector that wants to relive a bit of their childhood with every dab.

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Dab Rig Features:
  • Limited edition and Rare
  • Egg-shaped oil rig
  • Unique, Heady design
  • Sculpture of Yoshi encased inside the egg
  • Perc: 3 holes diffused perc
  • 14mm Female joint
  • Various Heady Colors
  • Each rig is numbered
  • Approximate Height: 5 inches
  • Base diameter: 2 inches
  • Measurements may vary
  • Ti numbered
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • BTGB engraved logo

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Yoshi Dab Rig For Sale

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Mini Yoshi Dab Rig For Sale

Buy mini Yoshi Dab Rig

Buy mini Yoshi Dab Rig

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