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,,Buy Purple Crack Strain online from a reliable shop. Common sense told me that the Purple Crack strain was most likely the result of crossing the ever-popular Green Crack strain with some variation of Granddaddy Purple. However, I quickly learned that the Purple Crack strain is actually a cross of Green Crack and the Juicy Fruit strain (aka Fruity Juice).

Knowing this, I was excited to see how these two classic Sativa-dominant hybrids would come together. The racy effects traditionally associated with the Green Crack strain. Are precisely what I look for when medicating in the morning. Combining these effects with the sweet flavor of the Juicy Fruit strain created some significantly high expectations in my mind.

As is often the case when smoking or vaporizing cannabis. The effects of the Purple Crack strain started to present themselves almost instantly..I did experience a slight energy boost, but it was much more mellow than the fast-paced experience. That I’ve come to expect when medicating with the Green Crack strain. The effects were far more consistent with my expectations of the Juicy Fruit strain, which is often more of a cerebral experience that helps spark my imagination.

Overall, I would say the Purple Crack strain is good option for patients looking to relieve stress and depression during the day. It may also be beneficial for patients who suffer from PTSD, OCD, neuropathic pain, social anxiety and more. Buy Purple Crack Strain online.

How Might The Purple Crack Strain Affect Me?

This particular batch of the Purple Crack strain had the sort of spicy and floral aroma. That I would expect from a strain with Green Crack in its lineage. However, the bud structure was not quite as compact as most examples of the Green Crack strain, leading me to believe that this phenotype leans closer to the Juicy Fruit end of the spectrum.

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