Why people take magic Mushrooms

Why people take magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been making regular headlines lately as scientists discover more and more about their incredible therapeutic properties. The FDA has recently labelled them a “breakthrough” drug for treating depression, and as a result, the laws about magic mushrooms are gradually changing and relaxing. Suddenly, everyone’s talking about magic mushrooms, and more people than ever before are curious about taking them.

This is why we have prepared this list of 10 reasons people take magic mushrooms, reasons that range from healing to spiritual awakening to boosting your creativity and which are all valid reasons.

 They’re Physically Safe

Magic Mushrooms are one of the safest recreational drugs around – they’re mild on your body and not physically or psychologically addictive. For most people, magic mushrooms have no long-term negative health effects.

According to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, only 0.2 percent of mushroom users sought medical assistance, making them the safest drug in the survey. Marijuana came in second, with 0.6 percent seeking medical advice, with LSD in third place, with 1 percent of users needing help.  Alcohol carried the most risk of a trip to the local emergency ward.

 They Open Your Mind


It sounds like a cliche when people say psychedelics open your mind, but according to various recent studies, that’s exactly what magic mushrooms do. Using brain scans, scientists have found that psilocybin, the main active ingredient in magic mushrooms, makes our brains behave very differently.

Psilocybin acts on serotonin and neurotransmitters to shut down our routine, often mundane, repetitive thought patterns. In other words, psilocybin opens up different communication pathways and allows all the parts of our brain to communicate better.

They Can Help You Be Creative

Preliminary studies suggest that microdosing can help with creativity.  For centuries, musicians, artists, and even scientists have credited psychedelics for their creative inspiration. Magic mushrooms help you think outside the box and take your creativity to the next level.

A study from 2021 found that during a trip, users had plenty of creative thoughts and ideas, but it was hard for them to act on them while they were under the influence.  It is only a week later that participants reported their creative thoughts continued throughout the week, and only at that moment did they have the clarity to act on them.

 They Make You More Empathetic


Studies exploring the relationship between magic mushrooms and increased empathy all suggest that psilocybin increases emotional empathy and makes you feel more connected to people.

The studies also show that increased empathy doesn’t just last during the trip – participants still felt more empathetic a week later. One report concluded, “empathy is better for society and magic mushrooms promote pro-social behavior”.

They Can Help with Some Mental Health Conditions


The results have been outstanding regarding psilocybin and its effectiveness in treating mental health conditions. Psychedelic therapy can help with PTSD, treatment-resistant depression and end-of-life anxiety in terminal patients. Since the FDA classified psilocybin as a breakthrough drug for treating mental health conditions, psilocybin therapy is becoming more readily available in Europe and the USA.

 They Make You Feel More Connected to Yourself and the Universe

Most people who take mushrooms often report having a powerful spiritual or mystical experience. A mystical experience includes things like ego death, the dissolution of space and time, feelings of transcendence or interconnectedness, and internal and external unity.-

In other words, they help you slip into altered states of consciousness and make you feel like you’re part of something much bigger. Mystical experiences can be transformative experiences and give you a new meaning and purpose in life.

They Can Help You Overcome Addictions

In a study in 2016 scientists looked at whether psilocybin could help people overcome tobacco addiction. A massive 80 percent of the group quit smoking, and 12 months later, 67 percent of the participants remained non-smokers. There’s also evidence suggesting mushrooms can help with alcohol and opioid addiction.

Even The Bad Trips Are Good

There is no such thing as a bad trip, only challenging ones because frankly, there are many lessons we can learn from challenging trips. The saying ‘’If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger’’ applies here. More and more people take magic mushrooms for self-development, and it turns out that bad trips can provide the most valuable lessons.

It could be that a bad trip is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something, a bad trip can also come in because you did not think about set and setting before going into your trip.

They Boost Your Mood and Outlook

Psilocybin works on our serotonin receptors which help regulate our mood, they also help to keep us feeling balanced. Magic mushrooms can help you deal with stress better and give you a better, more optimistic outlook on life. Many people also use microdosing to keep their moods in check.

They Can Help You Make Positive Changes in Your Life

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When you combine all the things in this list, it’s clear that magic mushrooms give you all the tools you need to make positive changes in your life. They help you take a step back to reflect, make your brain more flexible, and can even help you find a higher purpose.

Whether it’s being more creative and innovative, overcoming addictions, or simply being more empathetic to people, magic mushrooms make you more mindful, so it’s easier to make positive life changes.

Note: If you’re suffering from a mental illness and are curious about using psilocybin or any other psychedelic therapy, please consult one of the relevant medical authorities first. Do not self-prescribe, it’s vital to have the right support and guidance when using psychedelics as medicine.

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