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  • Easy to grow
  • Has a mellow and uplifting effect
  • Perfect for social or creative activities

Buy AK-47 Feminized Seeds Online. AK-47 may sound like an intense name for a cannabis strain. But, this strain of marijuana is actually quite mellow and relaxing. It’s a feminized, sativa-dominant hybrid that comes with a long-lasting, steady buzz. Yet, you’re left mentally alert so you can continue engaging in usual social or creative activities. This plant contains approximately 1% CBD, making it an effective medical marijuana product.

The AK-47 strain of cannabis is a mixture of varieties from around the world. These parent strains come together to create an excellent blend of flavors with a THC level as high as 20%. It’s a compact sativa and is really simple to grow indoors, even for beginning cannabis growers. It can also be grown outdoors, with harvesting taking place around the end of October.

This review is based on the feminized strain, attributes can slightly differ for autoflowers.

Growing AK-47 Strain of Medical Marijuana

Interested in cultivating the AK-47 strain of cannabis on your own? Well, this skunky, resinous, sativa-dominant hybrid grows best indoors with either a hydroponic or soil cultivation setup. This is the simplest way to grow AK-47, giving it a flowering time of about 53 to 63 days. Outdoor cultivation works well for more advanced growers, with harvesting finishing up around the end of October.

AK-47 is a strong strain. However, it does have a sensitivity to rotting and mold. Therefore, you must have good ventilation when growing AK-47 indoors to avoid high humidity, which could damage the plants. Temperatures should be cool but sunny, with a lot of fresh air. You should also choose a setting with plenty of vertical space to allow the plant to flourish and grow to its full potential.

AK-47 Flowering

When growing AK-47 indoors (the best choice), the flowering time is between 7-9 weeks. Each plant generally produces about 14 ounces per square meter. It’s a compact, feminized plant, which grows to be 19 to 32 inches in height.

Cultivating AK-47 outside means harvesting during the end of the month of October, it’s peak harvest time. Each one of these plants can produce about 14 ounces of usable cannabis.

Origin of Buy AK-47 Feminized Seeds Online

AK-47 was created by Netherland’s Serious Seeds in 1992. Since then, it’s won numerous merits, including the Cannabis Cup awards, the High Times Cannabis Cup, Spain’s Highlife competition, a Toronto Expo award and more. As a recipient of 16 marijuana merits, this strain is world-famous for its high THC content.

Parents of AK-47

Although named after a Soviet Union assault rifle, this mellow cannabis strain is actually a blend of multiple strains from various cultures. It’s a mixture of sativa from the following parent strains:

  • Sam – South American Sativa
  • Mex – Mexican Sativa
  • Tha – Thai Sativa
  • Afg – Afghani Indica

Effects of AK-47 Strain

Experts call AK-47 a “notoriously happy strain” of cannabis. Users experience the feeling of clear-headed relaxation and positive moods filled with good vibrations. It’s a mood-elevator, making it an effective strain for those suffering from stress or depression. It is a good “go to” strain for those who just need to unwind.

AK-47 contains about 35% indica and about 65% sativa. As a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, you’ll find yourself feeling mellow and relaxed, yet uplifted and creative. Users experience longer periods of euphoria than with many other strains, and giggles are the norm.

Positive Effects Buy AK-47 Feminized Seeds Online

Here are some of the common positive effects of using AK-47 cannabis strain:

  • Energetict
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Uplifted

Generally, the euphoric high is noticeable immediately after consumption. When smoked or vaped, you’ll quickly find yourself drifting slowly itnto a powerful, cerebral high. AK-47 helps to put you in a giggly mood, keeping you smiling from ear to ear for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Adverse Effects

Very minor side effects have been noted when taking AK-47 in moderate doses. This is how it gained a reputation is an easy smoke. Some have complained of lightheadedness and dizziness, as well as headaches and a little bit of paranoia when using AK-47. But, these minor side effects are rare cases.

Side effects of the AK-47 marijuana strain that some users may not enjoy include:

  • Anxietty
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Paranoia

Medical Uses for Buy AK-47 Feminized Seeds Online

Medical marijuana experts love the very potent medicinal properties of AK-47. To date, it’s been used across the globe to treat a wide variety of mental disorders. Three of the most common are stress, depression, and anxiety. As a stress-reliever, this strain of cannabis can improve moods due to its temporary euphoric effects.

These are just some of the mental, emotional and psychological issues AK-47 can help relieve, while also adding to a sense of tranquility:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Stress

The AK-47 cannabis strain lets you completely relax, without putting you to sleep. This forced state of relaxation works wonders for treating muscle spasms. It’s also a favorite strain for pain management. And, since the high isn’t so heavy, medical marijuana patients can take a toke here and there during the day and remain fully functional.

AK-47 is known to cause a serious case of munchies. So, it’s a great strain for treating severe nausea and a lack of appetite. This makes it one of the most effective strains on the cannabis market from improving the after effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other debilitating medical treatments. These are just some of the chronic, debilitating conditions that medical users treat with AK-47:

  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Cancer

Taste and Aroma of AK-47 Strain

The aroma of AK-47 comes with a little sour note, along with an earthy smell that’s very noticeable. With this naturally strong smelling cannabis strain, you get a pleasing combination of various types of whiffs. After each toke, you may notice a little hint of a sugary, sweet aroma lingering in the air.

You’ll also enjoy the pungent earthiness mixed with sweet, floral flavors. Users boast of the herbal spiciness, making it one of the most popular “skunky” strains of marijuana on the market. Here are some of the words used to describe the taste and smell of the AK-47 strain of cannabis:

  • Earthy
  • Pungent
  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Sweet floral
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