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Cracker Jack Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

Now Available! 🍰 Cracker Jack is a 50/50 hybrid strain but you will most certainly feel the more prevalent Sativa effect. Crossing both old-school famous strains, Jack Herer and Green Crack is the perfect combination for a wake and bake. Grab yourself some Cracker Jack a bag of peanuts and a hot dog at the ballpark and that game might get a little more interesting.

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The flavors are as the name would suggest with notes of apple, lemon, and sugar, though with a surprising twist of flowers on the front end. the aromas are much the same with apple, lemon, and sugar being at the forefront and slight hints of flowers towards the end. The buds are dense, icy, green, and covered in orange hairs that accent the otherwise dull appearance.

Buy Cracker Jack Marijuana Strain

Cracker Jack Strain

Price is as per gram

Cracker Jack is a cross between Green Crack and Jack Herer. Being a Sativa strain, it has an exceptional 20% THC content and is known for producing a potent buzz unlike any other. But there is more to the strain than meets the eye. The strain may not look like much at first but its buds are quite dense and large. Additionally, they are sticky with good trichome coverage as well. You may also notice hints of orange hairs amongst the greens. On the other hand, the strain has a floral scent that is mesmerizing, to say the least. As for the taste, it is more or less the same as its aroma but with sweet undertones.


Buy Cracker Jack Marijuana Strain Online

Buy Cracker Jack Strain Online

Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack Marijuana Strain

The strain is known for its energizing effects. This is perhaps why it is better off being a daytime smoke. It will clear your mind and thus allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. The strain offers a body and cerebral buzz but it does not tire you regardless of how much of the strain you have already smoked. Moreover, you will neither have to worry about exhibiting symptoms of couch-lock. You will feel refreshed nonetheless. That being said, it is important for you to keep in mind that Cracker Jack is mostly recommended for patients suffering from a variety of different conditions including tiredness, anxiety, stress, and mood disorders.

Buy Cracker Jack Marijuana Strain

The Cracker Jack Strain: An Uplifting Hybrid With Popular Genetics

  • Cracker Jack
    • Jack Herer
    • Green Crack

The Cracker Jack strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from two popular strains. I found it to be a great strain to help ward off anxiety in the morning or early afternoon.

Cracker Jack Strain: Green Crack X Jack Herer


I came across this batch of the Cracker Jack strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. Right away, I knew that I was in for an enjoyable Sativa experience.

Like the name would suggest, the Cracker Jack strain was the result of crossing the Green Crack and Jack Herer strains. Of course, each of those strains has built quite the reputation for itself over the years.

Being in California, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy both of these strains on plenty of occasions. They are definitely two of my favorites, albeit for different reasons. I’ve come to expect an energetic, racy experience with the Green Crack strain, and a mild, euphoric effect from Jack Herer.

Cracker Jack is a really tasty bud that offers users the chance to focus and let go of their worries. This energetic bud is the brainchild of Tree Top Collective and is made by blending Jack Herer and Green Crack for a multi-tiered high that’s perfect for a wake and bake.

The THC is on the higher side around 20%, though not off the charts, yet because of the perfect balance between Sativa and indica, it’s a homerun strain nonetheless. The flavors are as the name would suggest with notes of apple and sugar, though with a surprising twist of flowers on the front end. The aromas are much the same, with apple and sugar being at the forefront and slight hints of flowers towards the end. The buds are dense, green, and covered in orange hairs that accent the otherwise dull appearance.

The Cracker Jack cannabis strain is a pleasant Sativa flower with engaging cerebral effects. Save this thoughtful plant for a morning wake-n-bake.

The Cracker Jack strain’s fluffy buds glisten with a sticky trichome frosting. Featuring aromas of wood and pine, an inhale of this strain is like taking a pleasant walk through a forest. While best saved for experienced consumers, this high-spirited Sativa is safe to consume during the day. Focused and engaging, be ready for a fast cerebral experience from this bud.

Cracker Jack Experience

This strain starts off with a strong mental mood boost. An appropriate strain for the morning or daytime, this plant tends to have a thoughtful and creative vibe that encourages you to look at situations from a different perspective.

Fast-paced and focused, experienced cannabis consumers may find that the plants help them get through the workday or makes the perfect pick-me-up before heading to an afternoon happy hour.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Cracker Jack Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Cracker Jack shatters, Cracker Jack wax, and other Cracker Jack concentrates may be available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Cracker Jack and Cracker Jack seeds

This cannabis strain is a high-powered mix of Jack Herer Sativa and Green Crack Sativa. Both strains are known for their potent and invigorating effects. As a result, their offspring has inherited a distinct piney taste and fluffy green buds.

Fairly high in THC, this plant boasts up to 20 percent of the psychoactive. While experienced consumers can likely enjoy this herb’s upbeat nature, those sensitive to THC may experience some anxiety and paranoia from this beautiful bud.

Medical Benefits of Cracker Jack

  • Those in need of daytime relief from gastrointestinal distress like nausea and vomiting may find a friend in this spirited flower.
  • Uplifting and engaging, this strain is a popular choice for those with chronic fatigue and brain fog.
  • Medical cannabis patients with migraine and other headache conditions also tend to appreciate the medicinal herb.

Typical Effects







Common Usage



A Loss of Appetite

A Loss of Appetite



THC Content











Say goodbye to social anxiety with this super talkative bud. It hits you with a smooth rush of excitement and focus, so if you have a project you’ve been meaning to finish or a to-do list looming overhead, grab a little Cracker Jack and get it done! Enjoy the heady cerebral rush after just one hit. The burst of energy that washes over you will have all your creative cylinders firing, which makes this a perfect daytime bud. Soon enough you’ll feel a full body calm as the indica side of the buzz kicks in.

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For anyone who suffers from mood or attention disorders such as stress, depression, bipolar, or ADHD, this strain offers you the ability to streamline your thoughts and let the negative fall by the wayside. You’ll feel uplifted, yet relaxed, making it ideal for symptoms of the above ailments. Because of its highly energetic nature, this is a great strain for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue or clinical exhaustion. It is not recommended for insomnia, anxiety, or seizures.

If this bud didn’t sound perfect enough already then you’ll be excited about this part: it is a beginner’s growth and considered a self-starter. With a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks and extremely bountiful yields, this medium-sized plant is a new grower’s best friend. As it is resistant to most common molds or mildew and will thrive indoors or outdoors, this is the ideal plant for a first-timer looking to expand their cannabis knowledge.

No matter how much you smoke you won’t end up tired, so if you do want to give this a try, Cracker Jack is great for any time of the day. It has a tendency to get ahead of those who suffer from anxiety, so if that sounds like you, maybe steer clear altogether. Enjoy this bud first thing in the morning for a little pep in your step or at midday to get through the afternoon lulls.

Graham Cracker

breed by Hard Green Shop

Here you can find all info about Graham Cracker. If you are searching for information about Graham Cracker, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy, or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here on this page, and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Graham Cracker is an indica/Sativa variety and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±70 days) and in the greenhouse. Taylormade Selections’ Graham Cracker is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Grateful Breath F1 x Exotic Fighter

Cracker Jack Marijuana

About this Hybrid Strain

Cracker Jack is a 50% Sativa, and 50% indica hybrid. Although it’s 50/50 you will certainly feel the Sativa is more prevalent with energizing effects and focused awareness. The buzz is a nice mix of body and head, neither sedating you too much while also clearing your head.

The energy surge you will get can help with the day’s activities from errands to exercise. Try Cracker Jack as a morning smoke to get your day started with energy and focus.

Great for treating depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and OCD.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC 20.51%
Δ9-THC 0.84%
CBD 0.17%
CBN <0.01%
THC-A 22.42%
Δ8-THC <0.01%
CBD-A 0.04%
CBC 0.04%
CBG <0.01%
CBG-A 1.40%


Cracker Jack is an uplifting hybrid that is easily enjoyed early in the morning instead of a cup of coffee. This strain can instantly boost your mood, making you feel motivated and inspired, with your good mood lasting you for very long throughout the day.

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This strain is a powerful source of inspiration and will allow you to stay focused and clear-headed for much longer than usual, with your ideas soaring and getting more interesting by the minute. Cracker Jack can truly push you to be more productive, especially if you are feeling drained and tired.

Cracker Jack Strain for sale

Cracker Jack is a favorite of creative types and with good reason. This strain is known for allowing artists to think more outside of the box, allowing them to gather ideas that are special. This strain can also make you more talkative, which is ideal for those who are a little shy in social settings, as it will allow you to open up more.


Cracker Jack is a deliciously fragrant hybrid strain with a potent mix of aromas to create its signature scent. This strain contains strong hints of earthy and pine, with a dash of spice to keep things interesting, rounding off its sweet and potent nature very well.


Cracker Jack has some very interesting flavors that help intensify its full effects, adding to this strain’s uniqueness. This hybrid contains traces of herbal and spicy, with a sweet and woody flavor being most noticeable on its inhale. On the exhale, you will experience a pungent aftertaste, which it is known for.

Adverse Reaction

Cracker Jack’s adverse effects are mostly there due to its high THC levels, which can make you feel parched when consuming this gem in higher doses. You are likely to feel dry-mouthed and your eyes can often feel dry and itchy when smoking this strain.

Cracker Jack Strain

Other side effects may also include slight dizziness, especially in those who are not accustomed to the potency of this hybrid. Cracker Jack can in rarer cases make you feel slightly anxious and even paranoid, and sometimes this may mean that you will end up with a mild headache.

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Cracker Jack has a long list of medical benefits, which is why it is already prescribed as a medicinal strain to many long-suffering patients. This strain is immensely effective in helping reduce the strenuous symptoms of conditions such as chronic and clinical stress.

Patients who seek out a more natural way of reversing their chronic fatigue may benefit from considering Cracker Jack as an alternative. This strain can get you going without the usual side effects that you may experience on prescription medication and can help you stay alert for longer.

Cracker Jack can also be very effective against bouts of depression, allowing patients to think more rationally and clearly instead of being instantly frazzled and demotivated. Those who suffer from nausea and a lack of appetite can also benefit greatly from this strain as it can reduce symptoms for both of these conditions.

How Will The Cracker Jack Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

Being so familiar with the Cracker Jack strain’s parents, I was excited to see how well their characteristics would mesh together. Interestingly enough, it was exactly what I would expect.

The aroma of the Cracker Jack strain was nearly the same floral scent that I’ve come to expect from the best batches of Green Crack. However, the Jack Herer influence made itself known as soon I could taste the vapor.

“I find the Cracker Jack strain to be helpful when I’m in need of soothing anxiety relief.”

As for its effects, the Cracker Jack strain gave me a slight surge of energy that great in the morning. However, it was not nearly as racy as the Green Crack strain.

In fact, the Jack Herer seemed to help counter this effect; so much so that I find the Cracker Jack strain to be helpful when I’m in need of soothing anxiety relief.

Patients who prefer a noticeable body melt when they medicate would be unlikely to declare the Cracker Jack strain as their first choice. However, it could be ideal for those who gravitate towards strains with a more uplifting head high. It may be most beneficial for those who suffer from depression, schizophrenia, OCD, or anxiety.

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