Get Weed in Bergamo, Italy

Get Weed in Bergamo, Italy

Find Weed in Bergamo:

As a travel destination, Bergamo offers a unique blend of ancient structures like the Colleoni Chapel, unusual dual-height Upper & Lower cities, an abundance of lovely Piazzas, and upscale retail areas. Additionally, Bergamo is near to Milan and is a fantastic place to smoke weed in this part of Northern Italy. Explore Four Twenty Avenue to get the best understanding of cannabis laws and how to find weed in Bergamo.

Cannabis Laws in Italy – Cannabis in Bergamo

Is weed legal in Bergamo. Although marijuana is illegal in Italy, if you possess a modest amount for personal use, you probably won’t face too much difficulty. The possession of marijuana for personal use qualifies as a misdemeanor, and you will probably get a fine. However, selling and growing are against the law and might get you in serious consequences, including jail. Although smoking weed is more acceptable in Bergamo than it is in other parts of Italy, you should still only do it at home.

To a certain extent, medical marijuana is legal. Few individuals may be giving it as a prescription to relieve discomfort. Italy and Europe as a whole may benefit from this even though the system is imperfect and extremely tight.

Where and How to get weed in Bergamo, Italy

If you don’t know anyone in Bergamo, your greatest option for obtaining weed is through street dealers. Both weed and hash are highly available, with hash being a little more common and accessible. Piazza Vecchia, which is the core of Città Alta, is a fantastic spot to find weed. Go there and simply ask the Arabs and Africans hanging around. You can approach them by saying in Italian, “fumo.” In Bergamo, a gram of marijuana costs 10 euros. The quality of the marijuana sold by street vendors might differ greatly from one vendor to another.

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